The Garage

Situated between US Routes 6 and 40, Lakewood’s newest craft brewery isn’t new at all…in fact, you could say it’s been in the works since Tom’s Brew Shop first opened in 2010. Following a successful career in the automotive industry, it was the Shop that forged strong ties to local brewers and invaluable friendships for Tom Schurmann and his wife Eileen. And in 2017 they set in motion a plan for opening their next business: one that would combine a passion for vintage cars, craft beer and community. Three years and hundreds of enthusiastic and supportive homebrew customers later, we welcome you to 6 and 40 Brewery!

craft beer filling station

When your car needs serviced, you take it to your trusted mechanic. Because you know you will be happy the result. We want to give visitors to 6 and 40 Brewery a similar experience: a handcrafted pint and the service you’d expect without breaking the bank. We are proud to offer 20 beers and seltzers on tap in a retro mechanics’ garage environment our fans best describe as an automobile “mini museum.”

Brewdeck photo

Brewery Stats:

  • 7 bbl. automated brewhouse
  • Six 7 bbl. fermenting tanks
  • Six 7 bbl. lagering/brite tanks
  • Crowler machine and mobile canning
  • Annual production capacity: 750 bbl.
  • Wholesale inquiries, contact us

strolling beers

Have a beer while browsing our huge selection of homebrewing and winemaking supplies! Tom’s Brew Shop will be open next door during regular business hours for our customers’ shopping convenience.  We’re also proud to feature select draft beer styles in 5-gallon kits to make at home!

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