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Munkh’s Mongolian

We invite you to join us for delicious Mongolian food, brought to you by Munkh's Mongolian! Enjoy: Buuz: 4 steamed beef, chicken or pork dumplings and a side cabbage salad Khuushuur: 1 fried beef, chicken or pork pocket and a side cabbage salad (Vegetarian options) Tsuivan: noodle stir fry with beef, chicken or pork and… Read More »Munkh’s Mongolian

For guests wanting to join us for a pint and their favorite food truck, you may wish to call first: (303) 238-3272. Weather and many other factors could change our food truck schedule in ways we can’t reflect in real-time on the website. Of course, we’re always here to serve your favorite beer alongside locally-sourced soft pretzels and assorted snacks. Or order from your favorite restaurant for delivery to the Brewery. If you plan to share 😉