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About our Crew

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We believe craft beer shouldn’t be that complicated. Fancy names, heady descriptions and unapproachable flavors just aren’t our style. We’re here to serve you a pint with a smile and give you a place to relax and unwind. And if you enjoy yourself and leave happy, we’ve done our job. Pretty simple.

Each member of our crew is fueled by the craft brewing community in Denver. In the Garage you can expect to find a selection of year-round beers that pair nicely with your favorite food truck fare. Or seasonal and experimental beers that reflect the spirit and interests of our customers. Even guest beers from our friends in the area. Whatever brings you to the Garage, our team will make sure you’re always taken care of.

cruise director

Eileen Schurmann

The job isn’t complete until she says so. Local volunteer by day, at night Eileen builds community in the tap room. Like she’s done for decades around Lakewood with the Rotary, West Chamber, Stout Street Foundation and other not-for-profit groups. Because to her, community means family, whether you pull up a stool at the bar or are married to it.  [what’s your secret, Eileen?]

the machinest

Tom Schurmann

Tom is a tinkerer, a gearhead, a craftsman. His work in automotive service, commercial sprayers and most recently homebrew supply point to a natural curiosity and passion for making everything better. And tools. Lots of tools. But it was his love of the craft beer community in Denver that pushed him and his wife Eileen to open 6 and 40 Brewery in Lakewood. Surrounded by a hard-working crew on the Shop floor and in the Garage, he hopes homebrewers and craft enthusiasts alike will enjoy a pint with him at the bar. [cheers Tom!]


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